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  • Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol, Friday 16th November , took Launch Sun 10th November 6.30-9.00pm, The Forge, Colston Yard, Bristol, BS1 5BD

  • An evening sponsored poetry recitations, art auction and supper,.  Live music by NABRA.

2017 Proclaiming Justice

Our first sponsored poetry recitations fundraiser, art auction, supper and music evening was a huge success and  enjoyed by everyone. The inspiring recitations from all those involved were performed so eloquently.  Our silent art auction with over 50 donated works of art was extremely well received.  With online bids prior to the evening and live bids on the night, the bidding took on a bustling atmosphere around the art display.  A supper of middle eastern cuisine provided a mouthwateringly and wonderful experience in taste and aroma.

Music throughout the night provided by an oud duo NABRA,.  "An intoxicating blend of Sudanese and Middle Eastern influences".


Net Total Raised £20,750

2016 A World in Turmoil

Our conference with the theme 'A World in Turmoil' was opened with a powerful performance by Anne Mitchell.

The disasters caused by increasing political and climate instability create life changes and hardships that leave individuals highly traumatised, often in complex ways.

  • How do individuals affected by traumatic events recover?

  • How can we deepen our understanding of their needs?

  • How can we maintain our own health in traumatic situations?


Judy Ryde, Director of Trauma Foundation South West, discussed trauma in today’s disaster-prone world.

​Donna Orange, of the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, discussed the needs of humanitarian workers work with traumatised people.

Stories from interpreters and health workers of heart rendering situations that some of their clients have experienced gave everyone the need to pause for thought.

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