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Explore recipes from around the world and enjoy food for remembering, belonging and connecting. Your Table and Mine is a beautiful hardback book of recipes and personal stories that your friends and family will love.

Packed with beautifully illustrated, authentic and delicious home-cooked recipes shared with you by our refugee clients in Bristol and Bath.    

At £10 it’s an ideal gift, and every copy provides mental health support for severely traumatised people who have lost so much.

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Free recipe book
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COVID-19: During the Covid-19 crisis, we at Trauma Foundation South West recognise that, although many of us have to self-isolate and public buildings are closed, our refugee and asylum seeker client’s need for support is even more important.
We are making sure that all our clients are in contact with their therapist by telephone and by messaging. Some who have the necessary equipment can also be in contact by Skype or similar.
Taking on new clients is going to be more challenging but we will do our best.


​Our charitable purpose is to:

  • To make provisions which help towards improving the mental health of refugees and asylum seekers and others traumatised by war and conflict

  • To understand and to promote understanding in those affected by war, conflict and persecution by providing psychotherapeutic interventions for those thus affected

  • Providing supervision and training for staff in Tfsw and other agencies and charities in Bristol

  • To mount conferences and other events which promote an understanding of the effects of war on individuals and peoples globally

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Our main focus is therapeutic

But we feel that it is important to provide some practical assistance for our clients who find dealing with British officials difficult and puzzling.  For instance, we signpost to other agencies and sometimes we need to extend our usual role by helping with letters from officials and writing expert reports to doctors, lawyers, tribunals, housing officers, job centres etc.

Asylum seekers and refugees often present with complex needs as a result of past traumatic experiences including the after-effects of torture, rape, violent incidents, loss of family members, home, culture, lack of recognition in society, and concern about loved ones left at home or missing.

Once in the host country, clients often suffer from high levels of anxiety about the complex asylum process in the UK. They worry about accommodation, money, education, access to legal advice, detention, fear of deportation or destitution and homelessness.