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Who we are

Trauma Foundation South West was founded in 2002 and formerly called the BCPC Asylum Project.

In 2011 we formed a separate charity and have widened our brief beyond asylum seekers and refugees to all who suffer when political upheaval becomes violent.

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What we do


We provide free, long-term psychotherapy and counselling to highly traumatised refugees and asylum seekers., and specialist training, supervision and consultancy to agencies and individuals who work with traumatised people. 

In therapy, we provide a space of listening, witnessing and support over months and years to help our clients find a life that has meaning as well as surviving specific symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) such as bodily pain, flashbacks, nightmares and sleeplessness.

We work with individuals often through interpreters and we also provide art therapy groups for men and women with a trained art therapist.  All our therapists have special training and supervision for this work and are UKCP or BACP accredited.

Working with people who have been severely traumatised can itself be traumatising so support and supervision can help to keep staff healthy and mentally able to continue the work over a period of years. We work with 18 different charities, local authorities and  other agencies providing training, supervision and consultancy to prevent the vicarious traumatisation of their staff and volunteers. 

Trauma Foundation South West is governed by a Board of Trustees. We are also privileged to have the distinguished and socially committed actress Anne Mitchell as our patron.

To find our more about how we raise funds and are supported go to our donate page.

Or for further information and to hear how you may be able to help, please contact Katie Hope -

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