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Messages of Hope

These messages of hope are written by some of the TFSW counsellors and psychotherapists who work with asylum seekers and refugees who have suffered torture, oppression and war.  They are written to honour the courage and wisdom of their clients, many of whom have struggled over months and years to find some peace and strength to start to live again rather than merely exist.  All have experienced and witnessed terrible things and have lost dearly loved relatives and friends as well as their homeland and culture.

With thanks to the following who contributed to the messages of hope, poems and stories of hope and endurance:

Lynn Linsdale, Sarah Fairbairns, Kim Liversidge, Michelle Oakman, Denise Darroch, Kim Hastings, Lee Coombes, Judy Ryde, Dominique Gaveaux, Jaana Laidlaw, Marina Bielenky

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